The Plant Divide

We talked previously about Fall being a great time to plant, it is also a great time to divide.  You can divide new plants you just bought or plants already in your garden.  Don’t be afraid to divide.  You can make your plants go so much farther and share them with friends.  Just keep in mind that you need to water thoroughly after planting and since it is cool you can probably just do a good watering once a week.  Just keep an eye on them.

Here is a Croton Petra I bought a couple weeks ago and step by step what you need to do. The plant was $12.99, more than I usually like to spend, but I was able to divide it into three plants.  Here goes…

Step 1: Take a look at your plant and see how many stems there are coming out of the soil. As you can see below there are three solid plants.




Step 2: Remove the plant from the pot and get a shovel (for the most control a small shovel with a point on the end).  In the photo on the left you will see my shovel in the middle.  Push through the dirt and roots, you want to be about half way between each plant.  In picture two you will see there are three very good size healthy plants.


Step 3: Plant them in 3 different pots or three different areas of your garden. I planted one by itself and the other two with leftover periwinkles and placed one with my pumpkins.


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