Parents to be – Get to class

Every new parent has varying degrees of baby experience some have never been around babies and others come from a family of 4.  Not to worry, there are a million ways to help you prepare for that new little nugget.  Check with the hospital where you will be delivering or your OBG and they will be able to provide you with a long list of new parent classes and they are not free so choose wisely.

A quick overview of classes

  • Lamaze, Natural – If you are planning to have a natural delivery (i.e. no epidural) you will want this class to learn breathing techniques, pain management and so on.
  • Lamaze, Prep for Childbirth – Get baby basics (change a diaper/bathe baby), what to expect during labor (as best anyone can describe it) and a tour of the hospital.  The tour was awesome; they show you where to park, check-in, what the delivery rooms look like, etc.  They also have the abridged version which is only one day vs. two. We took that one and it was great!
  • Baby Care/CPR – If you don’t take any other class you should take this class.  I will sign up to take this class again just to have a refresher course.

There are also classes that cover: Preparing for multiples, breastfeeding, anesthesia, preparing siblings and so on. 

Take the classes that are going to make you comfortable, there is not a right or wrong mix.  Start taking classes at about 10 weeks or so prior to your due date. Be sure to sign up early as classes are only offered on certain dates and times and they fill up pretty quickly.

Disclaimer: as with any classes some parts are slow and a little boring, but overall good to have.

If you are the first in your family or group of friends to have a baby you may want to take advantage of mommy groups post baby because you will want to build a network of other moms you can talk to that will understand and relate to the questions and emotions you have. And it’s good to have friends with common interests.

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