It’s vine time!

Calgon take me away…For those of you that remember this commercial please make note that it does not work in real life.  What a week this has been…Sunday=man backs into car, Tuesday=car has flat tire, Wednesday/Thursday=baby has pink eye and sinus infection.  All that said, I am thankful it is Friday and I can wipe the slate clean for a relaxing weekend and a much better week to follow.

Let’s talk gardening.  That is much better for the soul than life’s craziness.  We have been talking a lot about planting this time of year.  Today I want to talk about vines.  Vines can make a great statement in a pot or a garden and best of all most vines are pretty low maintenance. Please note that some recommend waiting until Spring to plant which you can do, but I try to plant in the Fall so that there is time for the roots to establish.  Either will work.  If you are worried about a winter freeze you can put a hearty layer of mulch to protect the ground and you should be good to go.  You can also water your garden before a freeze and that helps prevent the plants from freezing.

One of my new found favorites is the butterfly vine.  At the time I planted it there was not enough room in my garden so I went for a pot and I took advantage of an old wire tomato vine trellis and it is working out quite nicely.  The cluster of yellow flowers are dainty and sweet.  It is the pods that give the plant its name, the seed pods resemble chartreuse butterflies aging to light and then to dark tan, giving you a three-color attraction. And of course great for fall arrangements.  The butterfly vine likes sun to partial shade and with a colder winter will freeze back and re-sprout again in Spring.


An oldy, but goody is the honeysuckle vine.  The trumpet shape flowers in yellow and white are very pretty.  This fabulous vine can be evergreen or deciduous.  Mine is an evergreen and it maintains a touch of life in my garden all year long.  It blooms beautifully throughout the summer and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds (as do most flowering vines).  They like full sun and are low maintenance.  Mine grows on a trellis against the fence in my garden and adds nice height in that area.








A few things to keep in mind is that just like your shrubs vines need trimming.  I would suggest a good trim in late February/early March.  That should take care of you for the year.  However, if you see some stragglers throughout the year don’t hesitate to give them a trim.

Have a fabulous weekend and happy gardening!

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