How about a bit of Live Forever…

As we continue down our path of fall gardening let’s go ahead and incorporate plant sharing.  My friend, Brittany, gave me several cuttings from a plant her family brought down from Kansas, they call it a Live Forever.  I have down some research and they sound pretty amazing.

This plant is part of the sedum family, is an evergreen and also a succulent.  It is easy to grow and blooms beautiful flowers.  A suggestion I saw about this plant is that you should not cut the flowers off as we go into winter. They are pretty sturdy and will hang out in your garden throughout the winter.  Of course at that point it will look more like a dried flower.  You may also want to plant them in a low traffic area because they do attract bees.

It appears that the Live Forevers are also known as Frog Bellies and Forever Plants.  In case you are curious why they call them a frog belly check out this utube video,

The plants I was given were stalks so I cut the bottoms off and stuck some in the ground and some in a pot.  If you want to take plants to a friend just wrap the bottoms with a wet towel and put them in a plastic bag. They will last like this for a day or so.  However, not in major heat.

You can grow the Live Forevers from a leaf or a stem. If you are concerned and prefer the plant have roots before you put them in the ground you can put them in water and they will root.

Here are a few photos from this project.




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