Fresh flowers add a little festivity

Fresh flowers are a great way to make your home a little more festive over the holidays.

You can go with the African Violet which will last you well beyond the holidays.  They are somewhat persnickety, but they are pretty.  They like sunlight, but do not need direct sunlight.  And the soil should remain moist, but not overly wet.  You could give them a little water a couple times a week.  I really like how these African Violets are clustered.








Here we have mini roses.  This is great for sitting around the house as well.  These need more direct light and can be watered once a week.  You don’t want the soil to stay moist.  And then in Spring you can plant them outside in your garden.



And then we always have traditional flower arrangements.  These are in fall colors, but you can select your flowers based on the season.



Enjoy all the pretties that come with the holidays!



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