An odd shaped planter and grass that won’t grow

Happy Monday Everyone!  I apologize for my late start today.  Today I will be answering a couple questions from Donna.

“My planter by my front door is an L shape and I never know what to plant there or do with it. Second, I can never get the grass to grow right under my big trees. I’d love to get your advice!”

– Donna C.

Hi Donna,

Your planter by the front door has a lot of potential.  Since it does not get a lot of light you should stick to shade loving plants.  Based on the size of your planter, have you thought about sticking to one plant throughout the planter?  You could plant something like a fern or even a ground cover that would do well all year.  When it gets really cold you might need to throw a light sheet over it for protection.  Or you could go seasonal with potato vines, hostas, coleus, impatiens. If it were my planter I think I would stick to one plant throughout the planter to start and try to find something that provides a little contrast in color.

Onto your grass, it sounds like your grass is not getting enough sun light.  Go ahead and do your fall fertilizer.  The grass is in the process of going dormant, but if you get everything in order it will kick off just right for Spring.  Of course you don’t want to get rid of your fabulous trees so look into scheduling a professional tree service.  A professional tree trimmer is magical, they can trim your trees so just enough light comes through for your grass to grow, but so that you do not lose the quality of your trees.

Good luck and keep us posted!


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