Here’s to a new journey

I decided to start blogging because I love to share information, the good, the bad and the ugly.  The key is that I am not afraid of the bad or the ugly! 

Here is how it all started.  Since the day I moved into my first apartment in college I have loved plants.  Stay tuned to learn more about Bruce, the Ivy.  When my husband and I bought our first house the love grew and gardening became a hobby. 

About the time we bought our house so did several friends.  I realized that most new home owners had lots of questions (including myself) and they were looking for tips/ideas from other do it yourselfers.  I have pondered how to bring gardening into my everyday life and share the tidbits I pick up along the way.

Now, what does gardening have to do with children and being mom?  Here goes.  I became pregnant in 2009 and had a beautiful baby boy.  Throughout my pregnancy and now as a mom I realized that there is also a great wealth of information to be shared here.  I am now pregnant with our second child (this time a girl) reliving pregnancy, all the phases you go through and thinking about all the different things we will need.

I have been thinking about this day for months and now I am ready to share.  Please be patient with me along this journey as I make my way and please ask questions along the way.

I will share with you my experiences in the garden and as a mom. If you love both great and if not you can pick and choose.

I look forward to the journey…let’s see where this will take us.


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    Chelle says

    This is wonderful Stacie! Can’t wait to share your blog with my friends and family – starting with Jennifer & Matthew! C

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    Stacie: I love your site and blog! I especially like the concept: Hen and Chicks, the double entendre of garden and family. I think you’re onto something powerful.

    As you know, Danielle and I garden extensively. Our goal, and we’ve accomplished it (except when it’s 110 outside) is to make the inside flow into the outside and vice versa. When the weather is tolerble, we sit outside as much as we sit inside.

    Every time Danielle strolls the yard (two or three times a day), she brings something back into the house to put into one of the dozens of vases we have — flowers or colorful leaves or even just cool sticks. And nearly every night for dinner, we harvest something from the gardens to accompany it.

    Just last month, we took out a failing, grass-infested perennial garden in the front yard and converted it to a vegetable garden. Yes, a front-yard vegetable garden. I love it. And it looks great.

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed so I can keep up with all your posts, and I’ll share your best posts from time to time with my social media network. We are, after all, like one big family in one big earth-sized garden.

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    Andrea Martin says


    I love this. When I read about it, before logging onto it, I was unsure. However, what a joyful read and very helpful. I will look forward to this and to sharing in your journey.
    Yes my friend, I sooo remember Bruce, your Ivy. To this day, I refer to my ivy plants as Bruce. I have always thought “Bruce” was most cleverly named.

    Congratulations on it all!

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    Love the idea for your blog Stacie! Great ideas, tips and thoughts about growing both children and plants. Wonder if there are similarities there, haha. Best of luck with the adventure and I will tell my friends.


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