Feed, Stimulate and Prevent Weeds

 3 Easy Steps for Texas Fall Lawn Care

Below is a recent article I received from Calloway’s Nursery.  A good rule of thumb I have heard in the past is that you should fertilize in March, June and October.  Here we are…October.  Some years I am good about multiple steps and some years I only get in one, but the extent of my fertilizing (in October) is always a general fertilizer and sometimes pre-emergent.  I can typically do both steps in less than a half hour.  I’m sure by leveraging all the steps below your lawn will be even more beautiful, but everyone has a budget and tolerance level.  Also, if you don’t have a fertilizer spreader ask your local nursery because many of them will loan them out if you purchase your fertilizer from them.  Please note that the below states specific products from Calloway’s;  however, you can also find the same products at your local nursery.  Please see more detail below.

As shared by Calloway’s…

Create a lush, green healthy lawn that adds beauty and value to your home this Fall.  Watering, fertilizing and mowing are the keys to fostering the vigorous development of the turf grass you desire.

It is time to revive your lawn grasses. It is necessary to apply Lawn Food to replenish the needed nutrients to avoid further damage during the upcoming cold months. The Fall application will also help produce a thicker turf to choke out weeds and provide for a healthy, green lawn. Apply Stimulate with Humate along with the Lawn Food to make the nutrients more available to be taken up by the roots. Apply a Pre-Emergent to prevent weeds from gaining a foothold while your turf is recovering.

lawn food

Step 1: Feed

Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food: Restore your lawn by applying this lawn food specifically formulated for our Texas lawns in conjunction with the Texas Extension Service.  21-5-10 analysis consists of 3 sources of 70% controlled-release nitrogen, all the necessary micro-nutrients plus extra iron and sulfur.  It will provide quick greening.


Step 2: Stimulate

Soil Mender Stimulate Humate: Landscape reviver! Our landscapes have been under stress from the heat and lack of rain and deserve to be restored.  This organic product improves the soil’s structure to increase water holding capacity and release available nutrients.  Apply Humate to your lawn, trees and shrubs, with a broadcast spreader and watch your landscape revive!

Step 3: Prevent Weeds

Apply your pre-emergent herbicides this month to prevent weed seeds from germinating in these areas where your turf has been weakened.  These products control weeds by forming a barrier that prevents the seed from germinating.  Apply with a broadcast spreader and water well.

Bonide® Weed Beater Complete™: Kills grassy broadleaf weeds you see plus prevents any weed seeds from sprouting.  Provides both pre-emergent and post-emergent control!  Avoid those unsightly weeds that take over when your turf goes dormant late Fall and Winter.

10 lb. bag • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.

Green Light Crabgrass Preventer with Dimension®:(Calloway’s Only)

Apply now for season long control!

10 lb. bag • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.


Nitro-Phos Barricade® Pre-emergence Herbicide: (Cornelius Only)

Apply now for season long control!

10 lb. bag • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.

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