Clean up time

Now that the weather is nice it is time to begin cleaning up the lawn.  Pull the weeds, trim the shrubs, clean up those plants that were beat up a bit this summer by the 110 degree temperatures.  Sometimes plants that look completely dead may actually surprise you and come back next Spring or they may be just like they look…dead.  I planted a gardenia tree this past Spring and the heat killed it. I don’t have the heart to dig it up so I am going to give it until next Spring to see what happens.  Fingers crossed.Here are a few examples of what a little trim can do for your plant and your garden.

This ice plant still needs some TLC, but is in a much better position.


This Asparagus Fern is a beauty, a little clean up and voila.

Now, this plant (I believe a type of blue haze) is beautiful and doesn’t need a clean up, but I love the straw bottom baskets.

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